Fading to Zero
Fading to Zero is a searing docudrama illuminating the life and works of the current
Brooklyn Poet Laureate, Ken Siegelman.  Television/Film Actress and Premier Acting
Coach, Silvana Gallardo directs this evocative insight into Ken's life, his triumphs and
personal tragedies, his self destructive behavior pitted against his commitment to
teaching critical thinking.  Stars from the Gallardo Studio contributed their talents by
reading and analyzing many of Ken's poems, including Kristanna Loken, Gwendolyn
Yeo, Billy Drago, Marie Matiko, Annie Lee and many other recognizable faces -
including a guest appearance by Michelle Rodriguez and narration by John Gavigan.

A screening held in Brooklyn received a standing ovation from the 600 plus guests,
including many politicos who had participated in the film. The Borough President,
Marty Markowitz, presented Silvana Gallardo with a proclamation thanking her for this
tribute to Ken and proclaimed May 7th as Silvana Gallardo

Here's What Silvana Gallardo has to say
about  her production of Fading to Zero....

"Fate had a hand in getting me together with Ken
Siegelman.  One day I received a book from a Junior
High Classmate that I had not seen or talked to in
years.  That classmate was Pearl Korolenko, Ken
Siegelman's wife.  After reading his book of poems,
City Souls, I knew that my next project would be a film
celebrating Ken Siegelman's creative genius while
recognizing his dedication and devotion to all the
people of Brooklyn......

Ken's powerful poetry deserves to be known and read
in every home, in every classroom in every country in
the world....

I am most appreciative of Ken and his family for the
complete access they afforded me and my staff."  

We are currently in negotiations for a network
presentation.  You can currently view the trailer below.

"...one of the most interesting Brooklyn
characters ever...an awe inspiring cinematic
experience, mostly due to the Poet Laureate's
own words, and a must-see for lovers of
Brooklyn, poetry, or just plain old life.  This movie
should become recommended viewing for all
high school students"  Tom Kane, Brooklyn Daily

It is with great sadness I write this - Ken Siegelman passed away in his home June 19th 2009.  He is survived
by his wife, Pearl and his two daughters, Karen and Tara - and by his sister, Mona.  Brooklyn and the world
mourns his death.  A great Poet, teacher and thinker, Ken will be remembered by his poetry and his
dedication to making this world a better place.  Silvana Gallardo