The Acting Class Series  based on
The Gallardo Method
Camellia South llc

an exciting new production

Acting for Success

This is a 'from the gut' television venture.

We are currently in preproduction -
a new concept
a new cast
a new vision
a new book

My first MOW opposite Tom
Calendar Girl Murders
Silvana Gallardo shares the
benefits of this revolutionary
Acting Method!
Wardrobe test for Silvana's very fun role in
My first starring role in a
major Motion Picture:
As Conchita Ramon in Copacabana - I got to
sing and dance - The casting director said I was
so brave.  I worked with Barry Manilow,
Annette O'Toole and Joe Bologna.
So lucky to have worked with
James Arness and Ricardo
Montleban.  Ricardo won the
Emmy for his performance in
How The West Was Won
Silvana and Dorian
Harewood in
Solar Crisis
An Off Broadway play,
Nobody Ever says Goodbye
- by Edward Gallardo
The Master Slave Exercise - Silvana and Billy
Newspaper photos of Silvana and Robert Loggia in her very first
starring role in the docudrama
The People Vs. Inez Garcia.
Silvana in the very difficult
portrayal of Rosario in
Wish II.
Silvana watching class
Promotional shot for the feature film The Tin Angel
Publicity Photo