Camellia South LLC, located in the center of Kentucky's fabled horse
industry, was founded by Silvana Gallardo and Billy Drago - to develop
and produce high quality film and television projects.  Originally known
as Camellia Productions located in Los Angeles, its' purpose was - is to
act as a Production House for projects created by artists associated with
Camellia South LLC.

During the past two years Camellia South has completed production of
two feature length projects;
Fading to Zero, a docudrama based on the
life and work of the current Brooklyn Poet Laureate, Ken Siegelman and
Silvana Gallardo's
THE Acting Class, a prime time television series.

Camellia South LLC has several film projects in various stages of
production, including
The Anger, The Tin Angel and The Winning.  These
projects have fully developed business plans with letters of intent from
several celebrity stars.  Qualified investors who may be interested in
these projects are welcome to contact us.  
Billy Drago   Co- chairman                                   Silvana Gallardo  Co-Chairman
John Gavigan  - Production Coordinator

BIOGRAPHY:  John Gavigan     

John Gavigan was raised in Ashland, Kentucky and received his B.A. in economics from the University of Kentucky.  
Since that time Mr. Gavigan has spent most of his life on the Shakespeare Company and various dinner theatre
companies. He wrote a documentary on the education of the junior blind by the Braille Institute that was produced by N.
E.T.  He subsequently began a theater company in Sonoma, California that is still functioning. He has directed over
fifty plays, all the while operating a working horse ranch, bed and breakfast and a wine sales business in Sonoma.
After moving to Los Angeles, Mr. Gavigan has guest starred in numerous television shows and feature films. He met
Silvana Gallardo when he began classes at her famous ‘Gallardo Studio’ in North Hollywood.  John and Silvana have
collaborated as writers on four scripts and the just completed documentary, “Fading To Zero”. After recently returning
to his native state of Kentucky, John landed a Guest Star role in an eight hour major series, “The Kill Point” that was
filmed in Pittsburgh. It was here that Mr. Gavigan became more convinced that a major shift in film production was
moving from Hollywood to the Central and Southeast states. Camellia South LLC is poised to take advantage of the
technical expertise that is now available to producers here in Kentucky.

Silvana Gallardo:  Biography   

Silvana Gallardo, an intense, talented actress, who has been likened to Anna Magnani, as a result of her vivid, fiery
portrayals, has that indefinable quality known as presence. Either you have it or you don't.
A cosmopolitan mixture of Venezuelan, Cuban and Sicilian heritage, Silvana's air of mystique reflects her earlier
avocation as a jet setter, gambling for high stakes and winning in such international locales as Monte Carlo, London,
Nice, Venice and Estoril.
This glamorous existence was a world removed from her beginnings in the South Bronx where poverty and violence
are a way of life. The youngest in the family of four children, Silvana dreamed at an early age of a better life and
faraway places. She began performing dramatic skits of her own creation in her mother's living room, charging two
cents admission.
In high school she starred in BYE BYE BIRDIE and THE PAJAMA GAME. She won the gold medal for best actress of
the graduating class. Silvana was also awarded the title of MISS TEEN QUEEN from the Police Athletic League. These
honors convinced her that a theatrical career was more than possible.
After working on two Broadway productions, she was summoned to Hollywood to star in the PBS Special, THE
PEOPLE vs. INEZ GARCIA. In the title role, she created a critical sensation. It was immediately followed by an excellent
role in THE WINDWALKER, in which she co-stars with Trevor Howard and her future husband, Billy Drago. Silvana has
since contributed her considerable talents to such movies as SOLAR CRISIS with Charlton Heston and Jack Palance,
INSIDE with Lolita Davidovitch, OUT OF THE DARK opposite Karen Black and Bud Cort, CHILDREN OF TIMES
SQUARE, SILENCE OF THE HEART, and the hilarious send-up of Carmen Miranda, in COPACABANA with Barry
Silvana starred in the mini-series THE BIG ONE: THE GREAT LOS ANGELES EARTHQUAKE and had a six month stint
on DAYS OF OUR LIVES. When her story line was introduced it was the first time in fourteen years that the show had
a number one and two rating. Her varied guest star roles include work on BABYLON-5, THE TRIALS OF ROSIE
HUNTER. She also guest acted on multi-Emmy nominated episodes of HILL ST. BLUES AND LOU GRANT.
Silvana was given an honorary professorship by the International Academy of Authorized Education and Awarded the
Academic World Star for her manuscript, Acting For Success. She was also honored by the Nosotros organization by
being named Most Promising New Star, receiving their coveted GOLDEN EAGLE Award. Additionally, Silvana was
recognized by "Who's Who Of America", by "Who's Who Of American Women", by the Latino version of "Who's Who",
by "Madison Who's Who", and featured in "The Chicano/Hispanic Image Of American Cinema".
When she is not working in front of the cameras, Silvana runs an intense professional actors workshop in North
Hollywood. After Alfonso Arau (Like Water for Chocolate) visited her class, he immediately hired her as the drama
consultant/acting coach on his new film for Twentieth Century Fox, A Walk In The Clouds, starring Keanu Reeves,
Anthony Quinn and Giancarlo Giannini. For three months the entire cast was introduced to Silvana's revolutionary
acting technique and performed her exercises every day. She and her husband Billy Drago have produced a video,
THE ACTING CLASS, a "How To" documentary on acting, depicting the technique and have received much critical
success. It is in libraries and schools throughout the country.
Silvana will star opposite Billy Drago in the upcoming feature film, THE TIN ANGEL, written especially for her and the
members of her acting class. It will be directed by Billy Drago. Additionally, Silvana is currently seeking distribution for
her documentary film,
Fading to Zero based on the life of Brooklyn Poet Laureate, Ken Siegelman.
A busy young woman, her interests include languages, (she speaks several) running (she was New York City
champion), cooking, (excellent Italian cuisine) and writing.

Billy Drago:  Biography   

With an intensity that belies his warm demeanor, Billy Drago has received critical acclaim over the years in a multitude
of challenging roles.  From his searing portrayal of the 1930’s gangster, Frank Nitti, in The Untouchables, through his
flamboyant transformation of history’s drug cartel king, Pablo Escobar, into the hypnotically evil Ramon Cota in Delta
Force 2, to his role as the snake handling revivalist preacher in the award winning Gun Crazy, Billy has brought a new
depth to the meaning of intense.

The son of a blues harmonica playing father of Native American ancestry (Chiricahua, Apache) and a mother of
Romany Gypsy descent, Billy grew up ninety miles south-west of Dodge City, Kansas.  A natural athlete, Billy became
expert at baseball, swimming, horseback riding, boxing and tennis, becoming collegiate state champion in the latter

He joined a touring company that took him to such remote spots as Hudson’s Bay, within 40 miles of the Arctic Circle.  
The end of the tour landed him in New York City.  Once in the big apple, he became a writer and performance artist,
working such clubs as Maxs Kansas City, and he began to make the theatrical audition rounds.

A role in the PBS Special, The Peach Gang, which won several awards, led him to Hollywood and a slew of guest star
roles on television episodic.  Billy’s primary focus over the years has been feature films, too numerous to mention.  He
has been called Hollywood’s Baddest Bad Guy and one of the best heavies working in film today by the Today Show.  
The New York Post said, Billy should be in the villains’ Hall of Ill-Fame.  Movie Line Magazine listed him as one of the
top guilty pleasures of film watching.

A concentrated list of credits includes Pale Rider, The Windwalker, Very Mean Men,The Glass Shadow, The Outfit,
and many more.  He received rave reviews for the television Sci-Fi special, Phoenix.  Billy also created a sensation as
John Bly on the Fox Series, Brisco County and as the demon on Charmed.   Billy has filmed all over the world and is
excited about the upcoming screening of his new film Dark Moon Rising to be held at Grauman's Chinese Theater in

Camellia South LLC is proud to announce that famed actress,Marie Matiko, will be joining the Camellia
South Academy, serving as a teacher of the Gallardo Method - both in California and on the Internet.

Marie Matiko:  Biography
Marie Matiko is known for her starring roles as Julia in The Art of War, Betty in the 2006 film Date Movie and
as the sexy saint, Mai Ling, in the award-garnering independent film The Civilization of Maxwell Bright. Marie’
s films have grossed over $347 million in world box office sales. She has starred opposite leading men Craig
T. Nelson, Tom Sizemore, Wesley Snipes, Mark Wahlberg, Patrick Warburton and Chow Yun-fat. She has
been hired by Oscar winning directors Oliver Stone and Michael Mann, twice each. For her performance in
The Art of War, she garnered the nomination for Best Actress in a Feature Film at the 2001 AX Awards (the
Asian-American Film and TV awards). Matiko was one of the AX Awards Top 20 Newcomers in 2006.

She was an Environmental Engineering major at UCLA when she was hand-picked by Cameron Mackintosh
(Les Miserables, Phantom of the Opera) at a her first professional audition for the Broadway blockbuster
Miss Saigon. After leaving Miss Saigon, Matiko returned to Los Angeles where she embarked on a rigorous
regimen of acting lessons. "I feel I’ve been training like an Olympic athlete," Matiko said.
It was then that destiny would bring Marie to her most influential teacher and mentor, Silvana Gallardo.
Within three months of studying with Silvana, she won the role of the year for an Asian actress in New Line
Cinema's The Corruptor, produced by Oliver Stone. Throughout her acting career, Matiko continued
studying the Gallardo Film Acting Method in class and applied the technique on set as well in her audition

Matiko founded and ran the non-profit VIVACE Conservatory for the Performing Arts, with co-founder Ariel
Felix from 1999-2009. VIVACE is a successful non-profit performing arts school located in Los Angeles’
Chinatown whose mission is to nurture pride, self-discipline and passion in disadvantaged youth and
minorities through the arts. VIVACE’s students include teen celebrities Nikki Soohoo (DreamWorks’s Lovely
Bones, Stick It), Monica Parales (Nickelodeon’s School Gyrls), and Melissa R (WB’s The Search for the Next
Pussycat Doll).

Marie has been asked to present at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, UCI, UCLA, universities in
Asia and national organizations on the presence of minorities in the media to humanize public perception
and thus influence policy. Marie finished her degree at UCLA in 2008 during the Hollywood Writer’s Strike.

                                                    Marie Matiko starring in the 2006 film Date Movie
Available soon:  Marie Matiko
leading THE Gallardo Film Acting